EVP35-12 Finger Type- 12V 35AH B7



Amp Hours:



5.13 in

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Need to replace your B.B. Battery EVP35-12 Finger Type- 12V 35AH B7 battery? When it comes to replacing the EVP35-12 Finger Type- 12V 35AH B7, you'll want to check four things: Is it the same voltage? Is the same or similar capacity (measured in Amp Hours)? Is it the same terminal? Does it have the same dimensions?

Can you replace a B.B. Battery with another brand battery? Yes. We'll help you find the correct replacement battery, even if it is manufactured by another company. We only sell batteries that are brand new and we fully stand behind with a 30-day return policy and a minimum 1 year warranty.

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Bright Way Group BW 12350


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